Monday, April 7, 2014

Navigating the Craft Fair Market

Is it Friday yet? No silly - this week has only just begun!

Sometimes when I've had a particularly number crunchy day at work (engineer stares at numbers flying across the computer screen) I like to think about what I can and/or should be doing for my Etsy store Vivace Crafts. Tonight's topic of pondering, what to do about local craft fairs, how you find them and succeeding at the fair.

I've mostly been searching through Festival websites, like this one, and with a little copying and pasting of names of fairs, you can find out more details about it without having to pay for some huge association costs. These are particularly annoying to me, especially because I do my crafty hobby for fun and to make back the costs of the materials.

How are you finding your craft fair and festivals?

Happy Monday, let's go have a beer!