Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Midterms and Sales

Hi everyone and anyone that might wander onto here!

Nothing super exciting lately! I've successfully taken all of my midterms without failing any, woot! My worst grade was a C+ in my C++ programming class (ironic right!) but that is because I was blindsighted with some of the quesions.

As far as sales, I've been very fortunate in my opinion. I've had eight sales so far from all different areas around the world. It's really exciting for me. I'm just hoping for two things:

1) USPS to deliver correctly and fastly to my wonderful customers (especially international!)

2) Business remains well during the next few months with the holiday season approaching!

Not feeling too well today and I had to miss my classes : ( but hopefully I'll be feeling more with it in the next few days. I really need to make more product!

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