Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Music Wednesday - Juanes

Who doesn't love a little Spanish music? For this week's "Music Wednesday", I'm featuring my favorite pop singer, Juanes.

Juanes combines a soulful, pop sound with the occasional ballad. Born Juan Esteban Aristiz√°bal Vasquez, he uses his Colombian upbringing for inspiration in his songs. He mixes African beats and Hispanic rythmns to create a truly original sound.

He is known for his wide-spread popularity - across Latin America and the United States, especially. He has won 17 Latin Grammys, more than any other artist. Other than being a great musician, Juanes is also a Humanitarian, providing aid to Colombian civilians hurt with anti-personnel bombs.

Check out his website here for a music sample!

(And for the ladies, he's not too bad to look at either ;D )

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