Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Music Wednesdays - Ra Ra Riot

I think one of the coolest things that SoSoRosey does with her blog is to have a weekly feature, called Makeover Monday. Check it out! I was inspired to create a weekly feature about something that I feel passionate about - music!

This week, it's the band Ra Ra Riot out of Syracuse, New York.

Comprised of the musicians Wes Miles, Mathieu Santos, Milo Bonacci, Alexandra Lawn, Rebecca Zeller, and Gabriel Duquette, Ra Ra Riot is sure to impress any alternative music enthusiast. 

The band has all the normal instrumental components - guitar, bass, drums, singer - but they are a step above the rest with the addition of the stringed instruments, violin and cello. This addition adds another beautiful dimension to the sound, as the stringed instruments accent the melody with drones and cords. When the violin/cello take the lead and the rest of the band drops out, amazing progressions, arpeggios and complex melodies ensue. 

The sound is mellow and relaxing but they do have some songs that can rock! For more information on this great band, check out their website.

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